Flopped Digital Offer? This is for you!

Turn your offer into a high ticket sales machine, without crazy launches or revenue that feels like a roller coaster!

Get the proven method of 2022 for digital sales on repeat, plus all the templates, tools and high touch point feedback, so that you can experience the balance of freedom and fulfillment, while you scale!

"Create an irresistible offer" they said . . . CHECK

"Build a landing page" they said . . . CHECK

"Run ads" they said . . .  CHECK

"Do a live launch" they said . . . CHECK

I SAY . . . STOP! . . . Stop while you're ahead and I'll give you the true nitty gritty on why your funnel may have flopped.  

Finally, a straight forward proven method to high ticket sales that isn't outdated!

Stop crazy launches that take months to prepare for, with little return. . .then repeat!

Stop feeling like every move is a test of trial and error. 

Stop changing your offer! it's not your offer, it's the way it's being sold.

Stop trying to DIY ads that don't convert, to a sales funnel that's broken.

Making sales online is CHANGING FAST!

There's less need to jump on a sales call because buyers are ready to say "yes."

Ad strategies that worked just months ago are outdated, but the new way will actually save business owners money!

The customer experience is the determining factor in the sales process now, and the best news, is that you can automate this to a "t."

Pssst… All the STOPS have been pulled (by yours truly)

Truth . . .

More Truth . . .

It’s not the 20 years of marketing experience that’s gotten me to 7 digit status or landed my team and I access to celebrity clients.

It wasn’t a cheesy sales DM or cold email outreach that has contributed to our ongoing and consistent growth. 

Loving what I do has been the reason I’ve been featured in summits, podcasts, and on stages . . . not some kind of vanity metric that doesn't add up to diddly squat.

Success isn’t a popularity contest. Trying to win with an outdated strategy or false assumptions will only create a spiral of failed offer launches and inconsistent cash flow that’s far from passive.

A ripple effect of revenue can be your new reality and it can happen at a rapid pace.  

The only thing you need to do is get your offer selling on autopilot through a proven system of automation that takes your leads from beans to steamy sales of passive profits. 

Everything inside Funnel Brew School™ makes selling high ticket offers on autopilot, simple, easy to understand, and eliminates the questions around tech, copy, or design!

Featured in 

Funnel Brew Ashleigh and Lisa

Ashleigh Here!

With over 20 years of marketing experience, 6 years into running a 7 figure marketing business, and years of business coaching, the idea to create Funnel Brew School™ became too obvious to ignore! 

After a sold-out Beta launch in January 2021, it's your turn to get in on the signature method to create a highly profitable sales funnel in the shortest time possible, that runs on autopilot!

Busy mom? Me too! 

Serial Entrepreneur? Me too!

Barely launched your course?! Doesn't matter!

Ready to experience the perk of making your offer hugely profitable with room to scale your business?. .like for REAL!
PLUS have more freedom while staying in your zone of genius! 

No more second-guessing or getting hung up on tech! You're fully covered!

Instead of shopping around for templates, Funnel Brew School™ has them already included! From email templates, design templates, sales pages, and more -- ready to use on your platform!

. . . there's nothing else like it, we looked!

Seriously  . . . 

How many other courses, tools or templates have you had to hunt down in order to compensate for areas in another program that was missing or confusing?

As you become more eager to find a solution, you get mixed messages from experts in the industry, and a LOT of these are outdated!

Don’t let your focus turn to fog!

I make it easy for course creators to build a profitable sales machine in an all-in-one experience, without tech, copy or design limitations holding them back. 

It’s not just an evergreen funnel, it’s a no-fail funnel!

I make it easy for you to build a profitable sales machine in an all-in-one experience, without tech, copy or design limitations holding you (or your course sales) back. 
It’s not just an evergreen funnel, it’s a no-fail funnel, without time consuming sales calls or awkward "Hey Girl, DM's."

Funnel Brew School™ is the ultimate ticket to understanding and mastering sales on autopilot, while giving you all of the tools, resources and support to make it effortless!

Get access to quality design, copy templates, and the proven strategy for a high converting evergreen funnel that works in 2022!

Save money by not having to hire individual experts because support is built into Funnel Brew School™! You will have access to the entire team to give you custom feedback as you create your sales funnel!  This is the same team of mine that creates profitable funnels for clients in our Done-for-You service, which after hiring someone for design, copy that converts and tech, can easily add up to $15k or more!  

Less than 24 hours in, I have 4 people on my waitlist already!

"I'm so excited I couldn't sleep last night!"

– Dr. Taryn Kilty - Serial Entrepreneur 

– Lisa Reck - Life Coach

Funnel Brew School™ replaces all of these . . . 

A copy writing course 

Email marketing course

Market research course

A design course

Custom design costs for pages

Tech stack + automation course

Social template design

Facebook® ads course

Hiring a strategy coach

Go ahead . . . take a peek inside Funnel Brew School™ 

Funnel Foundations for a No Fail Funnel 

Dive into the starting foundations that will prep you for No-Fail success of a profitable evergreen funnel!

  • Access the tools that will solidify your offer, price, branding, and tech.  
  • Master the art of our signature: Rippled Revenue Method.  This method will be the foundation to every part of your funnel, inside, and out!

Converting Copy + Design on Tap

Create sales copy like a pro.  Design pages that attract dream clients with words that get them clicking and converting!

  • Use the exclusive Steamy Sales Page Copy Builder to build dynamite sales copy!
  • Access the plug-in-play page templates that you can customize and easily add to your platform of choice!
  • Get custom feedback from our entire team with a quick request, and ensure there are no leaks in your copy. 

Tech + Automation Espresso

The beauty of an evergreen funnel is how it runs on autopilot!  Get ready to launch tech stacks with tutorials! 

  • Automate your emails to the right person at the right time. 
  • Track the customer journey from start to close! 
  • Automate retargeting, tags, offers, and messaging. 
  • Connect amazing free tools that your funnel is currently missing.

Steamy Sales on Repeat

Once you have the copy, design, and systems in place, you can scale even further.  It's like magic!

  • Track sales budgets and platforms and know what to optimize or change within your funnel or strategy.
  • Access the formula to measure specific benchmarks in your funnel and ads to know how to evaluate your funnel the RIGHT way!
  • Have a working organic and paid strategy for scaling!

A Funnel is an asset to business, but Funnel Brew School™ is the only place to access The Rippled Revenue Method™.  This caffeinated funnel framework for a highly profitable funnel gives you a competitive edge in your industry!

A proven method for easier sales + fast results!

The easy way to build a sales page, social content + emails!

Workbooks, Tools and Feedback along the way!

An uncut peek inside a LIVE Q+A

Students of Funnel Brew School have the advantage of getting personalized feedback as they create their funnels! As Lisa was writing her sales page copy and getting feedback - this is what she had to say!

Spoiler Alert -- Nothing compares and having these skills will change EVERYTHING!

Funnel Templates


Funnel Brew School

Funnel  Course

Strategy, Tools + Resources to launch a funnel

Up to date training for profitable ads from experienced experts + proven methods! 


Beautiful plug-n-play lead + sales funnel templates PLUS Copy + Email templates!

Custom feedback on your funnel so you can avoid leaks or doubt!

Here's a skimmers friendly summary . . .

Genius Offer Blueprint

Solving the problem of dream clients

Funnel Psychology + Strategy

Funnel Tech + Automation

Funnel Pricing for Profit

Private Group + Slack Channel

Organic + Paid Traffic Plan

Plug-n-Play templates for pages, emails, + copy.

Personalized funnel feedback

Scaling offers on repeat

This might be what you're asking yourself

How long will it take to create an evergreen funnel? 

Funnel Brew School is carefully designed to give you a high converting funnel within 12 weeks, taking you through all 4 phases.  If you already have a funnel, you will know how to edit your funnel as we go, and the team will be "on call" to provide you feedback and optimizations. 

When are the LIVE Q+A calls? 

The Live Q+A calls are bi weekly.  Each student is invited to join in and bring questions you have.  After the LIVE, the recording is posted inside Funnel Brew School™.   If you can't make it to the live, but have questions, you can submit your questions using a VIP form inside the private portal, and your question will be answered on the live, even if you're not on.  Pretty cool, right!?

What platform will you install a template on?

We have never "met" a platform we didn't like, and we will take your funnel design of choice and get your template working on the platform you are using.  Common platforms include: Wordpress, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, FG Funnels, Showit and Kajabi . . . just to name a few. The only thing we would need is access to the platform you want the template on, and within 48 hours, we will install it. 

How long will I have access to Funnel Brew School AND the templates?  

You get access to everything inside Funnel Brew School for one year from the date you sign up.  If you choose to stay inside Funnel Brew School, so that you get all of the up to date trainings in future years, you can stay in for as little as $50/mo. as a Funnel Brew School Alumni.

Which platforms are the templates compatible with?   

We have ready to go templates that are compatible with Kajabi, Clickfunnels, and Wordpress.  In addition, we have Showit Templates that are brand new (and beautiful!!). 

Also included  Matching social post templates are available in Canva®.  This includes a a brand board, images from the template, and a logo that can be easily customized.  

Do you help with tech? 

Absolutely!! Everything involved in a sales and marketing funnel is included, plus tech training and full tech stacks with Zapier links that are ready to simply "turn on," making it easy to get all of the parts of your funnel working together.  

In addition, we are happy to install your first template for you!

EEEE ... Here's a quick reveal of a couple of the funnel templates! 

This is the ONLY program that teaches you the true insider steps to a proven high ticket funnel, while giving you access to all of the pieces you need, PLUS personalized support and feedback from a team of in house Funnel Brew experts.

How does more sales and ability to share your skills with others, in your sleep, sound!?

Unlock access today and you could see improvements in sales as early as tomorrow!

Training, Tech + Tools

A suite of Funnel Templates

Copy Templates

Email Templates

Ad Templates

Automation/Tech Stacks

Sales Page Templates

Social media templates

Bi-Weekly LIVE Q+A Calls

Private portal

Private Slack Channel

Funnel/Copy + Design Feedback

Ad Optimization Tips each Month

Digital Ad Training

Offer Validation 

Market Research tools

PLUS - Your funnel will be featured and shared with our social audience, email list, and our connections to big names in the industry!

Total Value - Over $20,000


Enrollment is on tap!

Qualify for payments as low as

Pay in full



/ month 

Over $20,000 Value

All access to Funnel Brew School

All access to Funnel Brew School

Page, social, and copy templates

Page, social and copy templates

Personalized feedback and optimizations from Funnel Experts

Personalized feedback and optimizations from Funnel Experts

Bonus: 1:1 Call ($597 value)

Bonus: 1:1 Call ($597 value)

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